Diginnovators digital assets

Logo anatomy

Standard lockup

Vertical lockup

Icon by itself

Clear space

Minimum size

Print size: 3 inch wide Digital size: 200 pixels wide

Print size: 2.5 inch wide Digital size: 160 pixels wide

Print size: 0.3 inch wide Digital size: 30 pixels wide

Diginnovators blue

R: 32 G: 81 B: 249 HEX: #2051F9 C: 82 M: 29 Y: 0 K:0

R: 104 G: 163 B: 247 HEX: #68A3F7 C: 55 M: 29 Y: 0 K:0


Background color

Logo don’ts

Do not change the proportions of the logo elements

Do not rotate the icon / symbol

Do not change the typography

Do not change the color

Do not use the logo without the Registered Trademark

Do not add gradients, strokes, shadows or any other effets

Do not use logo without the tagline

Do not change the color of the tagline

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